Why we're Eyecare Plus - Eyecare Plus Ashgrove
By Durkin & Black Optometrists
Why we’re Eyecare Plus

Why we’re Eyecare Plus

The Eyecare Plus Brand

Ever wondered why we’re called Eyecare Plus?  That’s because even though each practice is independent, we are also part of a nationwide group of optometrists, working together to offer gold level care in optometry services.  That means we get the best of both worlds – and can pass on the benefits to our patients too.

So what are the best bits about being an Eyecare Plus store?

We're local

Eyecare Plus Ashgrove is locally owned and operated.  We live and work in the Ashgrove area; our kids go to the local schools, and we love to chat to our patients about their favourite restaurants and cafés. We are part of a small business networking group and love supporting other small business’ in the local area.  You’ll often spot us in and around the shopping precinct on Waterworks Road, picking up a bite to eat, buying a coffee or doing the weekly grocery shop. We love to be a part of the local community!

As part of the broader Eyecare Plus community, we can leverage the collective optometric knowledge of the group by offering our patients exceptional care with that local touch.

Eyecare Plus Ashgrove Friendly Service

We're thorough

No rushed appointments here!  At Eyecare Plus Ashgrove we implement the Eyecare Plus ethos which is based around thorough examinations and comprehensive treatment, even if you’re just in for a “routine” check.

We’ll take the time to chat about your medical history, your experiences with your eyes to date, and any issues you have concerns about.  We provide a number of tests to not only look at your sight, but to check on your vision as a whole. This can include a range of things such as dry eyes, digital eye strain, myopia control, peripheral vision and whether there are any newly formed eye issues that we need to start to treat.

If you do need glasses, then our lovely ladies Jasmine and Kate will take you through our extensive showroom to help you choose your perfect frames.  Once again we’re supporting local with a supplier of frames based right here in the western suburbs of Brisbane, as well as other well-priced, unique frames sourced with the buying power of the Eyecare Plus group.

To achieve optimal vision, we utilise top notch, quality lenses that are sourced from the world’s best suppliers; including Australian made. Your glasses are an investment after all, so we want to make sure they are made to last.

Eyecare Plus Ashgrove comprehensive care

We're at the top of our game!

Being part of the Eyecare Plus group of optometrists means we have a large number of extremely talented professionals we can learn from and share knowledge with, as well as ongoing learning. We’ve got plenty of knowledge to share too!  Our very own Sally Stevens heads up our behavioural optometry and vision therapy services.  She has honed her skills for over 20 years and has been a Fellow of the College of Behavioural Optometry since 2008.

Because of this, we not only provide services to our community in and around Ashgrove, but we have clients travelling from all corners of Brisbane (and beyond!) to take advantage of the behavioural optometry and vision therapy services Sally offers.

Eyecare Plus Ashgrove Waterworks Road

Eyecare Plus...and proud!

We’re just a little bit proud of our lovely showroom in the Brisbane suburb of Ashgrove, and the high quality of service we offer to our clients from both near and far.  If you’ve lived in other parts of Australia and been to an Eyecare Plus optometrist you’ll already know that good quality service comes as standard and we’re no exception.

So next time you are driving along Waterworks Road, pop in and say hi (we’ve got free undercover parking out the back).  Or, while you are here on our website, you can use our online booking system to book in for your next consultation. We look forward to taking care of you, your family and friend’s visual needs.

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