Never seen an optometrist?  We myth-bust the top reasons 12% of Australians have never had their eyes examined by an optometrist.

Optometry Australia has just released their 2020 Vision Index – a report taking a closer look at Australia’s eye health.  After reading this report, which found that 12% of Australians have never been to see an optometrist, we decided it is time to bust a few myths and see if we can convince these non-believers to give it a try.

Eyecare is too expensive

Reason #1: It's too expensive

A whopping 32% of this group of Australians believe visiting their optometrist for an eye examination is too expensive.

Myth busted: We generally bulk-bill our eye-examinations. We also offer detailed specialist eye testing with only a small out of pocket expense.  If you have private health insurance with extras cover you may be eligible for rebates on items such as glasses and contact lenses.  (Just check your private health insurance policy for details specific to you).

My vision is perfect

Reason #2: My vision is perfect!

Myth busted: How do you know?  You might think you can see just fine, but without having an eye test conducted by an optometrist, you can’t tell for sure.  Not only that, but vision can change gradually over time so you may not even notice the changes.

Plus, even if your vision is fine now, we can pick up things that may become issues later on, and also build a picture of your eye health over time to keep track of any gradual changes.

By the way, 26% of this group of Australians believe their vision is perfect, even though they’ve never had it tested.

I'm afraid of the result

Reason #3: I’m afraid of the result.

Myth busted: This one is a valid fear to have – we all worry about potential health issues and how they may impact our life, and 21% of this group of Australians are worried about what might be uncovered in the course of an eye test.

Firstly, the news might be good!  Then you don’t have to worry about the unknown.  But if it isn’t what you were hoping to hear, then it might not be a drastic as you think.  Many conditions such as myopia (short-sightedness) are actually quite straightforward to treat or manage.

Not only that, with diagnostic technology such as our Optos and Optical Coherence Tomographer, we can build an exceptionally detailed picture of your eye, showing changes that would otherwise be impossible to detect, so by catching issues early, perhaps we’ll get to deliver you that good news after all!

I don't have private health insurance

Reason #4: I don’t have private health insurance.

Myth busted: Yes, it’s true that having private health insurance extras cover may offer you some extra savings, but with Medicare rebates on eye tests you can keep on top of your eye health without breaking the bank.

We pride ourselves on providing quality frames and lenses for all budgets, and with one of the biggest ranges of frames in Brisbane we can help you find the perfect pair of glasses to suit.  Plus, if you take care of your frames, they can last a really long time!

I don't want to wear glasses

Reason #5: I don’t want to wear glasses.

Myth busted: Well we can’t really bust this myth if that is how you truly feel (and 14% of this group of Australians do), but we can let you in on a few secrets.  Firstly, you might not have to!  Depending on your needs, you may be able to wear contact lenses instead, or you may be eligible for treatments such as laser surgery.

Secondly, look at the huge range of designer frames we have! That’s brands such as Carrera, Coco Song, Dior, Garrett Leight, Hugo Boss, Jimmy Choo, Kate Spade, Maui Jim, Oakley, Ogi Eyewear, Polaroid, Rag & Bone, Ray Ban, Ronit Furst, Rudy Project, Safilo, Tiffany & Co, Woow and Zeal…phew!  So not only will you be able to see, but you’ll be uber-trendy as well.

I'm too young to have issues with my eyes

Reason #6: I’m too young to have issues with my eyes.

Myth busted: Unfortunately, not all eye conditions are a result of aging.  Some, such as astigmatism can be genetic and may exist from birth, and others such as computer vision syndrome or digital eye fatigue may develop because of environmental or lifestyle factors or because you have another condition (such as diabetes).

We actually recommend children are tested from six months of age so we can build a picture of eye health from an early age, and address any genetic conditions right from the start, so unless you are under six months old, you aren’t too young!

It will hurt

Reason #7: It will hurt!

Myth busted: We think this 7% of this group of the Australian population might be confusing us with the dentist…;-)

But seriously, we absolutely promise it will not hurt.

There’s another 12% of this group who specified “other” as their reason to have never visited an optometrist for an eye examination.  We’re pretty confident that if you have another reason, we can bust the myth for you.


So if you are in the 12% of Australians who have never had an eye examination, now is the time to step out of that category and come and see us for a test.

You can book online here.

PS  - If you’d like to see the full report you can view it here.