Ever find that your glasses are slipping down the bridge of your nose, they hurt behind your ears, or you have to move your head around to see properly through your multifocals?  Chances are that the glasses you have don’t fit you properly.

At Eyecare Plus Ashgrove, not only do we have an amazing range of frames with something to suit every face shape and style, but we offer expert advice on how to choose frames that are comfortable and functional, as well as fashionable.

Here’s our top five things to consider when choosing frames:

Find frames that fit perfectly

The shape of your face

Whether you have a round, square, wide, short or long face we have a type of frame to suit you.  Often a contrast looks great – so if you have angular features then round frames provide a softening look, or with round faces, angular frames can serve to offset your curved features.

The same applies with the width of your face – if your face is wider at the bottom, then having frames that are wider at the top can even you out a bit, and vice versa.

Of course the rules are made to be broken, so when you come in to see us make sure you try on all sorts of styles to see what you think.

Choose frames that complement your colours

Your colours

Your skin tones, hair colour and eye colour all play a role when choosing frames colours and styles.  If you have warm skin tones then warmer colours such as orange or green may suit you.  For cooler skin tones, look towards metal colours such as silver and grey or darker colours like blue and black.

Don’t forget to factor in your eye colour too, and if you have lighter skin, a lighter frame often suits better (unless you are going for a contrast).

Do you tend to wear certain colours?  The same rules apply so take into consideration your wardrobe colour choices as well. And factor in when you’ll be wearing your frames too – do you need the corporate look for the office, or is this a spare pair to wear on the weekends when you break out the colourful shirt choices?

Choosing frames to fit your face

Your prescription

Obviously the main goal of wearing glasses is that you can see!  So the options for frames that are available to you will depend on your prescription.  If you just have a standard prescription you’ll have the widest choice of frames.  With bifocals and multifocals you need enough height within the frames to accommodate the different prescriptions within the lenses.  Of course we’ll be able to advise you on this, to make sure your frame choice matches your prescription needs.

Stronger prescriptions can mean thicker lenses as well, so we’ll help you select a frame that is robust enough to hold the thickness of your required lenses.

Expert advice to find the right frames for you

Your eyes and nose

Comfort is key when selecting the right frames for your new set of glasses.  Make sure that the frames are wide enough so that the arms (the bits that sit over your ears) aren’t stretched in any way, and sit comfortably.  The frames should also sit nicely on the bridge of your nose – if they slide down they are too big, if they pinch they are too small.  You also don’t want your frames to touch your cheeks or your eyelashes as that will become uncomfortable over time.

Use a mirror to help with your choices as well as going by how they feel – make sure your eyes are in the centre of the lenses, and that the frames don’t stick out too far if you have a narrow face shape.

Huge selection of designer frames

Your fashion sense and style

Comfort and practicality are key considerations, but you’ll be wearing your glasses a lot so it is important that they are a reflection of your style and personality.  Don’t be afraid to go bold if that’s who you are, factoring in your personality, fashion sense and your style into your selection.

We have one of the largest ranges of designer frames in Brisbane to cover every type of wearer.  Kids frames, men’s frames, women’s frames, designer frames and no-gap frames – we have something to suit everyone so you can find the exact pair of glasses to suit your needs.

Come in and browse our range in-store, we’d love to help you select your next pair of frames.