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Tips for using contact lenses

Tips for using contact lenses

Tips for using contact lenses

There's a few interesting statistics around contact lens use amongst Australians.  Did you know that nearly a quarter of Australians who wear contact lenses leave them in overnight at least once a fortnight?  Or that nearly 20% wear a set of contacts for longer than the recommended time?  On a daily basis contact lens wearers keep their lenses in for an average of 12 hours, and 10% of users don't wash their hands before handling their lenses!*

In this post, our head office team provides some useful tips for contact lens wearers, both new and experienced.

Contact lens tips for first time and experienced wearers

  1. Wash your hands with soap and dry them thoroughly before touching or handling, applying, or removing your contact lenses.
  1. Only use solutions and drops on your contact lenses specifically “for contact lenses”.
  1. When applying your contact lenses, put them in after your morning routine to avoid contamination by water from the shower or sink.
  1. Apply makeup after you have applied your contact lenses and remove them before taking makeup off.
  1. If a contact lens is difficult to remove from your eye, dry your fingers then remove. If this continues to be difficult, close your eye and massage your upper lid. The lens will start to move. You may need to repeat this process and blink few times to moisten the surface of your eye until the lens starts to move. Do not be alarmed – you may need to repeat this process several times as it can take up to 10 minutes for the lens to move freely.
  1. It is fine to interchange your glasses and contact lenses.
  1. For monthly replaced lens wearers keep a supply of contact lens solution in your cupboard. When you need it, you need it!
  1. When outside, practice good eye health. Wear sunglasses with your contacts, even if you are wearing UV protective contact lenses as they do not block out all harmful UV rays.
  1. Buy your contact lenses from a legitimate source and make sure an optometrist or eye care professional prescribes your lenses.
  1. Ask your optometrist how to care for your contact lenses.
  1. If your eye feels uncomfortable or you have poor vision when you wear your contact lenses, take them out and start the process again. If your eye continues to feel uncomfortable, poor vision or looks red, contact us for an appointment.

*Optometry Australia, 2020 Vision Index Report.

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